2022 Game Rules

  1. Capitol All-Stars Softball Game: Tuesday, September 20, 5:30 pm
    1. Purpose
      1. The proceeds raised by event benefit Hunger-Free Pennsylvania and Feeding Pennsylvania, two charitable, non-profit organizations working to feed over two million hungry Pennsylvanians
        1. Their members are the food banks, food pantries, and other emergency food providers located in each and every legislative district in Pennsylvania
      2. There is NO rain date
        1. The call to cancel will be made by 4:00 pm on game day via email 
        2. PCN will also run a notice of cancellation on its network
      3. Location: FNB Field, City Island, Harrisburg
      4. Shot and televised LIVE on Pennsylvania Cable Network
  2. Capitol All-Star Teams
    1. Youse (East) Team
      1. Captains
        1. Senate President Pro Tempore Jack Corman
        2. House Democratic Leader Joanna McClinton
    2. Yinz (West) Team
      1. Captains
        1. Speaker of the House Bryan Cutler
        2. Senate Democratic Leader Jay Costa
    3. Teams are bi-cameral, bi-partisan
    4. No more than 40 players on each team
    5. Players do not have represent districts that fall within the geographic area described by the team name
      1. For example, a senator from Indiana can be drafted by the East Team and a representative from Philadelphia can play for the West Team
    6. Capitol All-Stars 2022 will assign players to teams.
  3. Capitol All-Stars Softball Game rules
    1. The Official Rules of the Amateur Softball Association of America apply (including nine innings), with the following modifications:
      1. Open Substitution: Players may be freely substituted in and out of the game by the captains
      2. Umpires: There will be five umpires – at home plate, first base, second base, third base, and as assigned.
      3. Scoring: In each inning, the sides will be retired after three outs or five runs, whichever comes first
      4. Mercy rule: If either team’s runs exceed the other’s by more than 10 runs, the game may be called after the seventh inning at the discretion of the team captains in consultation.
    2. Game will be played with 10 fielders (short field) and 11 batters (including designated hitters)
  4. Equipment
    1. Provided by Capitol All-Stars through generosity of donors
      1. Jersey
        1. With name, party affiliation and district number on back
        2. Sizes due by June 30, 2022
        3. Delivered to players at Capitol offices before game day.
      2. Caps
        1. Delivered to players at Capitol offices before game day.
      3. Bats
      4. Balls
    2. Provided by each player
      1. Pants do not have to be softball-specific
        1. jeans, shorts, leggings are ok
      2. Shoes
        1. Rubber cleats acceptable
        2. NO METAL CLEATS
          1. Players with metal cleats will not be allowed to take the field
      3. Glove
      4. Socks
      5. Any other personal effects
    3. Men’s and women’s locker rooms available at the park
  1. Meals
    1. Complimentary food and beverages, including beer, will be provided to all players, umpires, sponsors, announcers, volunteers, and other officials participants
      1. There will be food for sale in the stadium for game attendees
  2. Social Media
    1. Twitter hashtag: #PAHungerGame
    2. Capitol All-Stars twitter handle: @capitolallstars
    3. Facebook Page: PA Capitol All-Stars
  3.  Contacts
    1. Corinna Wilson, Wilson500, Inc.
      1. corinnawilson@wilson500.com
      2. (717) 979-3407